Fluky is a new and different kind of video chat app.

When you start the app, it automatically checks who else is online, and seeks out random chat partners.

No registration is needed! The app only uses your iPhone’s uuid (Universally Unique Identifier) to know when you’re online.

No private data, IP-addresses or other sensible information is used or stored!
By pressing the green + sign, you can invite your friends to download the app! It’s so simple! Get Fluky Now!

Fluky is still under development, if you want to sign up as a beta tester, send us a quick mail at dev@fluky.me

Get unLost

Get unLost app iconGet unLost is a very useful app that will save your current position on a map, and later on navigate you back to that same place by car, bus, train, on foot or on a bike.

When parking my car in a foreign city, I was always messing around with the Apple Maps app or other navigation utilities. What I really missed and needed was a simple to use app, with just a few buttons to save my location, and later on safely navigate me back.

So in fact I made this app for myself, and I use it practically every day. Very soon I found it very useful, not only for finding my car, but also for quickly looking up the address I’m currently at, finding back to my hotel when on vacation … You get the idea.

So if you don’t have the app already: Get unLost on the AppStore!


Arom Di

arom_di_icon_web_smArom Di is an app exclusively for customers of the highly recommendable Thai and Sushi restaurant Arom Di in Berlin Pankow. The app lets you select items from the menu and collect them in a memo list. You can then call the restaurant directly to pre order for your restaurant visit, or for delivery. The app also shows all relevant information like opening hours and contact details, which are always freshly updated from the in-house database. Oh, by the way: with one click the app will also navigate you from your current location to Arom Di! For those who want to know: The app does not save or send any user related data to anywhere!

Why don’t you just go and get some great Sushi?


If you have any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism, please get in touch: appsupport@palle.com. All mails will be answered and all suggestions will be considered!